6 Low Carb Quick-Grab Snacks for People with Diabetes

Low carb snacks are wins all around because they satisfy hunger without making you take a tackle on your blood sugars. They can be delicious, and are often the freshest and healthiest snacks around.

There’s a lot of talk about the benefits of a low-card diet, alongside plenty of critique and criticism. There’s plenty of scientific evidence that touts the benefits of low-carb diets, as well.

Here are some tasty and satisfying options:

  1. Cheese: Whether you’re mad about mild cheddar or have a hankering for Havarti with horseradish, cheese is a great snack that fills your belly without bumping your blood sugars.
  2. Nuts: A handful of nuts can bring some healthy fats and protein into your diet, without a load of carbs. Almonds and walnuts in particular are a great choice!
  3. Vegetables and hummus: While hummus is certainly not as low carb as cheese, it’s still a fairly low carb choice. And there’s nothing quite like the satisfying crunch of fresh vegetables, except maybe if you pair them with some garlic hummus, in which case, you’re set on the snack front in terms of taste and texture.
  4. Hard-boiled eggs: A low-carb snack that can be prepared in bulk ahead of time is the best kind! Boil up a dozen eggs on Sunday and you have a grab-and-go snack option all week. These protein packed snacks will fill you up and will hopefully keep you from reaching for the office candy bowl..
  5. Snap peas: while they’re usually easiest to find in warmer weather, snap peas are a terrific low-carb snack that you can graze on with little guilt. These pea pods are naturally sweet and also pack an impressive iron, vitamin C, and vitamin A power punch.
  6. Pickles: the original free food. Pickles are tasty and offer a crave-quenching crunch, and so long as you’re selecting seasoned and now sweetened options, the carb count is very low.