8 Effective Ways to Controlling Hypertension

Treating high blood pressure is a two-dimensional process. First is the medication way. Second is bringing changes to lifestyle and diet. Thankfully there are some proactive measures that one can adopt to their lifestyles to control high blood pressure and even lower chances of developing a heart disease. Let’s take a look at these easy and practical solutions to how to control high blood pressure.

  • Shed extra kilos: Blood pressure is directly proportionate to weight gain. Obesity is an evil monster as it causes stress on the joints, bones and heart. It also leads to sleep apnea, which further increases blood pressure.
  • Reduce salt intake in the diet: Extra sodium in the food is a villain for hypertension patients. Research has shown that even a small reduction of sodium from the diet has resulted in lowering the blood pressure by as much as 8mmHg. Cutting down on processed food also help in reduction of sodium intake.
  • Exercise regularly: Exercising is one of the best ways to decrease high blood pressure. A regular and active workout improves circulation, eases muscle pain, improves posture and ultimately leads to a better lifestyle.
  • Quit Smoking: On average, each cigarette takes away seven to eleven minutes of life. Quitting smoking helps in lowering blood pressure and increasing life expectancy.
  • Reduce stress levels: Stress levels work worst for people who are suffering from hypertension. It is also observed that people end up eating unhealthy, drinking alcohol or smoking to calm their stressed minds. It is important, therefore, to keep stress at bay and try to cope life in a better and healthier way.
  • Limit alcohol amount: Alcohol, if taken in small amounts, can lower the blood pressure. But that is the catch! This shielding effect is negated if one drinks too much alcohol. Consuming more than a moderate amount of alcohol can even reduce the efficacy of blood pressure medication.
  • Indulge in Dark Chocolates: Dark chocolates are rich source of flavanols that make the blood vessels elastic and enhance the changes of lowing blood pressure level. As per a study, nearly 18% of the patients who consumed dark chocolate every day in prescribed quantities saw their blood pressure decrease significantly. Half an ounce a day with 70% cocoa content – is what you can have.
  • Switch to Decaf – Caffeine in largely contribute in raising blood pressure as it tightens the blood vessels and magnifies the effect of stress. Therefore, it is widely suggested either to reduce the intake of coffee or to switch to decaf. It’s a smart alternative to your craving for coffee.